"Soul Odyssey" The Album By Hallex M

Listen to full album below or click link to buy http://bit.ly/SoulOdysseyAlbum

1- Transmission - Hallex M Feat: Oveous

2- These Fellings - Hallex M Feat: Vikter Duplaix
3- Getty Getty - Hallex M Feat: Omar
4- Soul Odyssey - Hallex M
5- U Do It 4 Me - Hallex M Feat: David Morin
6- She Speaks - Hallex M Feat. Mike City
7- Free Your Mind - Hallex M Feat. Jay Sebag
8 - Bring Back The Sun - Hallex M Feat. Darien
9 - Heartbeat, Goodbye - Hallex M Feat. Ovasoul7
10- I Forgive Myself - Hallex M Feat. Marc Evans
11- Desire - Hallex M Feat. Jinadu
12- Locked In - Hallex M Feat. Mr V
13- Make That Move -Hallex M Feat. Shan S
14- Third Eye - Hallex M Feat. Qvln

It is finally here. After years of house gems the debut album Soul Odyssey by highly respected DJ / producer "Hallex M" is out now on Groove Odyssey Records. Kicking off with Transmission Ft OVEOUS, which displays the wide range of talents and Hallex M's fluid ability to step out from his house music comforts.

Soul Odyssey the album a "14" track wonder that will take you on a Soul filling journey!

• Omar

• David Morin
• Mike City
• Jay Sebag
• Darien
• Ovasoul7
• Marc Evans
• Jinadu
• Mr.V
• Shan S

This album is perfect for lovers of true house and proves the quality of that signature Hallex M sound.

• Produced: Hallex M
• Label: Groove Odyssey Records
• Mastering: Bayacou Studios
• Publishing: Sunlightsquare Recordings
• Art Cover: Nick Glassullo
• Executive producer: Michael Hughes